The First Real-Time last line of defence 
against DeFi Theft! 

If you believe you are already protected against crypto-theft, we might prove you wrong !
Our AI-Security Platform empowers security and risk teams to automatically detect and respond to attacks in real-time! 


Solution You Can Trust


The system analyzes on-chain and off-chain data, learns the current and historical behavior of the users on the fly.


Automatically and Proactively identify suspicious behavior using ML Anomaly Detection Technologies.


Alert the customer and take corrective actions in real-time.

Don't Reach The Post-Mortem Investigation.​

There has been a rampant rise in cryptocurrency crimes in 2021, especially stolen funds. Illicit transactions touched an all-time high, surging nearly 80 percent to $14 billion.




CyVers is a Web 3.0 well-funded startup backed by top VC and AI experts to act as your last line of defence against real.time DeFi hacks !.


CyVers is a web 3.0, AI-based security company that innovate in the crypto security area contributing to the massive crypto adoption.


CyVers provides cryptocurrency attack detection in real-time by leveraging cutting-edge geometric machine learning and by analyzing off-chain and blockchain data.

The Only Proactive Layer Between your Funds and the Hackers.

On-chain analyss

Instant and Agentless Deployment 

cross chan theft detecton

Cross-Chain Visibility and Detection

High accuracy low False Positive

Prioritized Incidents That Matter

Corrective Actions theft prevetion

Real-Time Active Protection 


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